1 Scene In San Francisco

Here's a little something that I've written
I know you won't believe it but I
Want to talk about it
What we did last summer and I
Am ready to relieve it
If you think that you can take cause I
I, I, I'm going to San Francisco
I have got that letter
The one you never finished it’s true
That I can still remember
That scene in San Francisco when you
Left me in the morning
Alone without a warning or clue
When you, you left me in San Francisco
You had all those flowers in your hair like the song
One day you were there and then the next day you were gone
The truth is that you left me standing there and all alone in San Francisco
I can see your tattered spirit
Though you don’t believe it it’s true
And if you’ll only see me
I will try my best to see your point of view
I don't know if you're coming
But I have to keep my faith in what I knew
That I, I, loved you in San Francisco

2 I Walk Alone

There is a place I go when I am feeling low
Where the sirens fade and you can hear the waters flow
The stars lay scattered in the open sky
And those lights by the bridge shine through the night of my eyes
I met her on a bench by the Evergreen
I have learned that love is never what it seems to be
The time for tears and all of your remorse
Has come and gone with the close of my front door
I walk alone for now and forever
I walk alone for worse or for better
I walk alone for now and forever
Without you
Spring is here and I watch the flowers grow
I have washed away my fears with rock n’ roll
Flowers bloom in the middle of a deserted lawns
When the winter comes these flowers will be dead and gone
I walk alone for now and forever
I walk alone for worse or for better
I walk alone for now and forever
Without you
She lit a fire and burned all of our photographs
I can still remember the way she used to laugh
Cause the secrets that we shared they haunt me in every silent night
Just like phantoms who go off their paths and lose their flight
I walk alone for now and forever
I walk alone for worse or for better
I walk alone for now and forever
Without you
I can feel my world closing in on me
Sometimes it all feels like I’m living in a never ending dream

3 Hello My Dove

Hello my dove
I'll whisper to you now
It’s a long life
There's plenty of time for loneliness

Hello my dove
I'm calling for you now
It’s a big world
There's plenty room for your solitude
So if you're in the mood
Bat an eyelash for me
And you just might keep me one more day

Hello my dove
I'll whisper in your ear
It’s a lonely world
I'm blessed to have you near me

Hello my dove
I'm trying to tell you now
It’s a big life
There's plenty of room for your books and tea
But is there room for me?

Hello my dove
I whisper in your ear
It’s a wondrous thing we've found
Don't let it disappear
I promise you my years
And all my tears
Whenever you are down

4 Incompatible

How could I love
Someone so much
And be so incompatible
It’s unfathomable to me
That I could love you
The way I do
And yet still be so incompatible
It’s unbelievable to me
When I met you
You were beautiful
Everything I ever wanted to see
That's what you were to me
And so it’s unfathomable
That we’re so incompatible
To me
Our pride and prejudice
Me in my scowl
And you in your lonely dress
Baby we can’t talk
Without breaking up
Why bother making up
When you're so incompatible with me
Why do I hate you
I never wanted to
We were inseparable
So it’s inconceivable
To hate you
My princess bride
Let’s go for a ride
And let’s try not to say anything
That could spoil this thing called us
No matter how much
That I love you
We’ll never get along
That's why I sing this song
For you
Our pride and prejudice
You in your know it all
And my cloak of arrogance
Baby we can’t talk
Without breaking up
So why should we make up
When we’re so incompatible you see
You're so incompatible with me

5 Ballad On Third Avenue (Beautiful Losers)

I sat around thinking in my bed
about all the things that were left unsaid
You see I'm a man who’s so out of date
If I loved you right it was my mistake
Well it takes me a whole century
To get to a place where I wanna be
I'm a clown for you
I wanna be with you
Even though I know you lie
But I recognize so do I

Come to me cause I need you now
Love is gone and girl I'm so strung out
Now I just compensate a thousand times
My sheets are warm but I'm cold inside
Yeah it's so hard in these cold and winter days
To try to find something to keep me awake
But you know that your tirades they hit me hard
I am always searching for that spark

That strikes gold in your eyes
‘Cause you recognize the truth
I'm a lunatic
But so are you

A thousand psych wards could never hold us down
People like us tend to stay off the ground
You see when you come down to it in the end
True love never rolls around again
You know I wanna run through the halls of an art museum
With your picture in my arms screaming carpe diem
We gotta seize the day we gotta seize this love
We never know when it's going to turn up
So babe let’s take our chances while we’re still alive
And here’s one final word of advice
Roses they may wilt but they never die
So won't you try?

Though you recognize the truth
That I'm bound to lose
But so are you
Losers Beautiful losers
Beautiful losers
But baby
If you give it a try
Maybe baby
So will I
Ballad on Third Avenue
Ballad on Third Avenue
Maybe baby if you give it a try
Maybe baby maybe so will I

6 It Feels Too Good

She runs away
A wild stallion stray
She takes my heart away
And I've got nothing to ride on
She flies away
She's like a bird of prey
She steals my soul away
And I've got no one to fly with
Girl I bet you knew
That I would call
Your bluff anytime at all
Cause it feels too good to hold you
And girl I bet you know
That I could roam like you
But it feels too good to hold you
She rains on me
Her softness pouring down
My heart left on the ground
And I've got no umbrella
Her silent breeze
Is blowing through my leaves
She takes the wind from me
And I'm left standing here breathless
Girl I bet you knew
That I would call
I'd come any time you'd call
Cause it feels too good to hold you
And girl I bet you knew
I'd get a hold on you
Cause it feels too good
Yes it feels too good
To want you

7 Everywhere She Is There

She's been hurt and it’s been too long
I don't know why but I broke her heart
I've heard her cries from her love songs
But I pretend I don't hear her crying
She's been hurt and it’s all my fault
I took advantage of my advantage over her
And I regret each day we met that summer of her discontent
Everywhere she is there
And everywhere there is she
I did her wrong and I don't know why
But I'll do my best to stop her crying
I don't know how but I'll keep trying to apologize to her
And I recall each time I fall
From her grace and crawl right back to her

8 New Orleans Dreams

In the tunnels of our silence
In the bounds of our mistrust
I longed for your patience
And cried out for your lust
I’ve been looking for something
That could make me more aware
That you are truly someone
Who gets lonely who gets scared
In the confines of our love
I thought I saw solution
That cleared away the smoke
And pulled out our pollution
In the gutters of New Orleans
The children laid there crying
The dreams that they were living
Are crumpled up and dying
They are dying
The symphony has ended
The conductor has just left
And all that now remains
Is your blindness and your theft
The melodies are broken
And the music sounds so wrong
And now I know for certain
That this just can’t go on
What is wrong?
Because you can’t escape
From the all the things you’ve done
And all the wars you waged
Can now never be won
Your books should all be burned
Your head is being filled
With false and useless knowledge
That just might get you killed
Cause what you now desire
Is what you most regret
You think you know what’s true
But then you’re put to the test
And what is left
Of your new Orleans dreams
I have been the slave
And I’ve been the auctioneer
I have played the priest
And I’ve been the racketeer
But I have learned one thing
They’re all one and the same
One man’s freedom is another man’s guilt
And another’s chains
Of what remains
Because I know a secret
That I conceal down below
You try to act so cool
But I think you’ve lost control
And the bells they are ringing
So now what will you do
Will you slumber through the storm
Or will you walk right through
What will you do
The judge has robed and entered
And the court is now in session
The law has been laid down on you
And there’s no chance to petition
You own the keys to unlock your prison
And baby when you go
Call on me cause I’ll be waiting
Brother don’t you know
I’ll be waiting
In your New Orleans dreams

9 Architect's Daughter

How do I express this unconditional
Ecstasy we’re feeling
Everytime we are together
I will do my best
Consider it a promise
That I will try forever
Just as long as we’re together
With the architects daughter
I hope you don't think less of me
If I dare to tell you
From that moment on the corner
I thought I felt forever
And though we’re not together
Yet I hope to be
With the architects daughter
An hour since you left
My senses are still reeling
Though I try to resist it
My heart cannot stop beating
For the architects daughter

10 Thoughts Of California

In the cold mist of the morning I went walking from my bed
I could hear the sparrows calling from the branches overhead
And darkness still was creeping over that aquatic sky
Then I thought of California but I still can't figure why
The military officers who parade my city block
They are gazing through the windows
In a state of dread and shock

But you will not be shadowed girl you know we can't just die
And I thought of California then as I stopped to touch the sky
Your father is a senator your mother is the chief
They brand you as a sinner so that they can play the priest
At the closing of the curtain at the breaking of the dawn
Everybody feels for certain that we’ve all done something wrong

But you shall not be crucified, you shall not be tamed
Everybody just wants to survive in a world consumed in blame
As we head to California with our suitcase full of shame

As the light crawls into the atmosphere like a child upon its knees
We stare through arching windows and watch the world move underneath
To the waltz of early morning to the splitting of the skies
Then I thought of California but I still can't figure why

But we shall not be crucified we shall not be tamed
Everybody just wants to survive in a world so filled in blame
As we head to California with our suitcase full of shame

11 Never Let Me Go Again

There are sounds in the hallways and thuds on my wall
I can still feel the scorching heat from those evening brawls
When you left me in that room you never made a sound
I stood their stranded as my tears came pouring down
I remember the whispers muttered in the night
Cries from the rooms and doctors cloaked in white
You stood there in the doorway a look was on your face
Like you were being blessed with this sad and sudden grace
Let me fall into your arms tonight
I wanna sink down low and feel you hold me tight
You took me in your arms once and you could understand
Don't you ever let me go again
You struggled for me I know for a better life
You’ve worked so many hours and so many nights
And then I went away from you into the Deep South
Hoping that its heat would burn my demons out
You’ve had enough I think you’re gonna crack
My father went away and I don't think he's coming back
And now you put me down each and every day
But can you remember mom that it is never/not to late
In front of the house I waited for a sign
Something that would let me know that it was gonna be alright
But now I’m older and things still look the same
Look at us momma we’re still drenched in pain
So take me in your car and we will slowly drive
Through those tunnels and those backstreets of our lonely lives
Let me fall into your arms tonight
I wanna sink down low and feel you hold me tight
You took me in your arms once and you could understand
Don't you ever let me go again
Momma promise you won't let me go
Momma promise me that now you know
That I never want you to ever let me go again



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